OTAQ Welcomes Three New Faces to Further Expand the Teams in the UK and Chile.

14th August 2023

As part of OTAQ’s growth strategy, we are delighted to welcome three new faces to OTAQ to aid in unlocking new market areas and geographic regions for OTAQ’s products and technologies as well as the continued development of operational capabilities, processes, and personnel.

Will Buchan and Philip Pearson will be joining OTAQ UK, and Paulina Oyarzún will be the newest member of OTAQ Chile.

These new experts bring with them a combined total of 45 years of experience in the industry, and we are looking forward to tapping into their expertise in order to continue OTAQ’s growth.


Phil is coming into OTAQ as Group Operations Manager, working across the entire company to coordinate production activities and the continued development of our capabilities and employees. Bringing with him over 25 years of experience in the offshore industry and handling a variety of projects from £20k – £7.5m, Phil is no stranger to handling multiple projects and managing several departments and processes.



Will’s 14 years of industry experience in international markets sets him up perfectly for his role as Business Development Manager at OTAQ. Will’s focus will be on the further development of global geographic markets for OTAQ’s Offshore energy-related products, including class-leading subsea leak detection technology OceanSense, power-over-Internet ethernet cameras, lights and integration devices for survey and inspection ROVs and sledges, as well as OTAQ’s UK-made underwater connectors and penetrators.


Paulina is joining OTAQ’s Chile team in Puerto Montt to support administration control and sales activities. She brings with her extensive experience in commercial planning, marketing, international affairs, and managing sales channels, making her a valuable new addition who enhances the local capabilities of the team.

Phil Newby, OTAQ’s CEO, is looking forward to welcoming these talented new members to the team:
“Our new members are coming in at an exciting time where we are experiencing a growing demand for our existing products in buoyant market conditions, as well as our exciting new product developments coming close to launching. They all will be joining as part of our business strategy, adding further resources to focus on areas where we recognise there is potential for sizeable growth for our products and technologies.”

OTAQ look forward to continuing to consistently improve our team, our processes and our technologies to provide world-class services to our customers.

We will be in touch with new updates soon!

OTAQ’s LPAS Technology Is Making Waves in The Aquaculture Industry

30th March 2023

OTAQ’s AI LPAS technology provides early warning of algae blooms by automatically identifying harmful phytoplankton species.

OTAQ’s Live Plankton Analysis System (LPAS) automatically identifies phytoplankton around marine aquaculture sites that could potentially result in Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) and negatively impact fish health. We have recently had an article featured in Fish Farmer magazine’s March 2023 issue about our LPAS system, with more information below.


“Early warnings of algae blooms can make all the difference.”


Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) occur when microscopic algal or phytoplankton populations, amplified by environmental factors such as weather conditions and temperature, grow to such levels that they become harmful to surrounding life. These blooms can be particularly problematic for fish gill health and, with global temperatures rising, are becoming a more prevalent challenge for the global fish farming industry. It is why early warnings of algae blooms can make all the difference.

OTAQ’s Live Plankton Analysis System (LPAS) automatically identifies phytoplankton around marine aquaculture sites that could potentially result in Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) and negatively impact fish health. By providing critical and timely information, LPAS enables operators to make early and informed decisions on site-specific mitigation strategies and actions.

The LPAS solution consists of four main components:

  • AI Engine
  • Imaging Hardware
  • Analysis and user interface software
  • Connectivity and data storage



The AI Engine detects specified individual phytoplankton genus with a confidence level greater than 80% and provides the cell concentration of each. Working with industry-based microbiologists and academia, lists of phytoplankton genus of most concern have been identified per region.


“The system is stand-alone, reliable and easy to install and use”



Stand-alone, reliable, and easy to install and use, the imaging hardware enables the operator to quickly capture the digital images of local water samples and pass them to the analysis software. It does this by combining a laboratory-grade microscope with a megapixel digital camera which is linked to the AI engine.


“The LPAS takes into consideration the need to function on both well-connected and remote sites.”



The analysis and user interface software alerts on the presence of specific species that are a concern in that region. A clear traffic light system lets site operators know if there is an issue, and they can review more detailed data if required. All data is logged and recorded, allowing trends to be tracked.



LPAS can be configured to suit the level of internet connectivity and takes into consideration the need to function on both well-connected and remote sites. Images and results data collected by the LPAS are automatically stored locally and in the OTAQ cloud for presentation and analysis.


“It Is anticipated that the system will be a powerful tool for fish farmers.”


The LPAS provides an easy and reliable method to gather immediate and accurate information on potential HAB risks. It is anticipated that the system will be a powerful tool for fish farmers.

CLICK HERE to read the full article, or for further information, please send any enquiries to [email protected].


OTAQ Further Develops Their Commercial Team

8th March 2023

OTAQ continues to develop their commercial team with the appointment of Mollie Cornthwaite as Internal Sales Coordinator and the promotion of Beth Holmes to Sales Manager.


Mollie joins as part of the expansion of the team’s external and internal sales capabilities which includes the recent promotion of Beth Holmes to a central sales management role. With over 6 years of experience building customer relationships and coordinating activities between organisational departments, Mollie will be a valuable asset within Beth’s new team.

Beth Holmes says: “We are delighted to have Mollie joining the team. She will bring fresh enthusiasm and perspective to the role in our Commercial department and help drive continuous improvement. Her passion for building customer rapport is exactly what we were looking for.”

Mollie also commented: “The industry is all new to me but I’m looking for a challenge. I am excited to start this new challenge within my career and get stuck where I can to help OTAQ continue improving. My goal is to step out of my comfort zone and push myself to produce the best work I can and hopefully progress in my career.”

Mollie will be based at OTAQ’s Lancaster and Ulverston offices and drive continuous development and opportunities. She will also oversee our organisation’s systems, tools, and skills to ensure clear and consistent filing and tracking of multiple quotations and works orders in line with company and ISO9001 processes.

Team strengthened to take advantage of global opportunities

16th January 2023

OTAQ, the innovative technology company targeting the aquaculture, geotracking and offshore markets, announces the appointments of Belinda Yaxley as Australia Country Manager and Mike Brawner as its sales representative in the US.



Belinda’s focus at OTAQ will predominantly be on aquaculture in Australia, New Zealand and the wider Asia Pacific region which is a hotspot for finfish and shrimp farming activity. Belinda will aim to grow awareness of OTAQ’s existing products and launch the new Live Plankton Analysis System, focused on providing farmers with automated and early identification of phytoplankton species that can cause harmful algae blooms, one of the largest industry issues that impact on fish health.

As a dedicated and results driven Environmental Advisor with a proven background in achieving government, industry and company specific environmental objectives; including certification, project management and sustainability reporting, Belinda brings significant industry and regional experience.

Belinda will continue in her role as a director of Nautilus Collaboration where she focuses on working with farms to develop and implement responsible farming practices which support certification and regulatory compliance.

Belinda holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and PhD in Zoology from the University of Tasmania and is a consultant and member of the Global Seafood Alliance and the Centre for Responsible Seafood.



Mike’s role will be to focus on business development, including new products, sales and marketing with the aim of growing revenues and market share in the US. He will target regional customers and industry bodies with a view to growing OTAQ’s presence particularly within underwater electrical connectors in general and leak detection (OceanSense), cameras, ethernet integration equipment and laser measurement equipment for offshore survey, inspection, repair and maintenance activities.

Mike has held various roles in the underwater systems sector and has strong relationships and industry exposure. Most recently he was VP Sales and Business Development at Underwater Systems Inc., focussing on the Oil and Gas business segments with particular focus on Offshore, Subsea Oceanographic and Aquaculture markets, selling a vast product portfolio of subsea and wet environment connectors and cable assemblies.


Richard Beesley, Chief Commercial Officer at OTAQ, commented: “We are delighted that Belinda and Mike are joining our team. Belinda has significant experience in welfare in aquaculture, particularly defining insensibility for humane slaughter and product quality as well as welfare education on farms and Mike has a proven track record in growing business presence in rapidly expanding market areas.

“We are currently going through a very exciting period of growth at OTAQ, and we are looking forward to working with Belinda and Mike. We are busy building the best team to help us reach our goals, and with their wealth of experience and expertise, we are confident that they will provide an extremely valuable contribution.“


First Order for Asset Tracking in Rail Industry

23rd September 2022

21 September 2022

OTAQ, the marine technology products and solutions group for the global aquaculture, offshore energy, and tracking industries, announced on 20 September that it had been awarded an initial order for the Company’s tracking device. The Company is pleased to confirm that, having worked closely with Track Tracker Ltd, a specialist railway technology company, that it has received the first order for its newly developed asset tracking device for use in tracking assets in the rail industry.

The contract is for the supply of an initial batch of 40 devices to Track Tracker Ltd who will monitor the location of railway assets in use in busy, hazardous, and often complex on track and trackside locations.  The railway network is a highly safety critical environment in which the OTAQ asset tracking devices, when integrated into the Track Tracker system, are designed to report precise locational accuracy ensuring that assets are not placed in vulnerable locations.

The asset tracking devices will be supplied in the first week of October, with further orders expected following successful on-site operations.

The contract demonstrates the innovation and R&D expertise gained through the Company’s acquisition of ROS Technology and the evolution of aligned applications, in this case working closely with Track Tracker Limited. This follows the successful launch of tracking technology products in the sporting events sector earlier in the year.


TT Tracker Order

Product info here


Phil Newby, Chief Executive at OTAQ, commented:

“The UK rail industry is proud of its robust safety culture and safety standards. This advancement in technology will serve to enhance the industry’s already exceptional safety record.

“The potential for the market in UK rail alone is believed to be considerable and the company hopes the technology will be adopted by many of the tier one contractors and joint venture projects.  We anticipate that we will continue to develop the tracker technology and its applications to appeal to many further potential markets, where precision location and geo-fencing is critical.”



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About OTAQ

OTAQ is a highly innovative marine technology company focused on the marine aquaculture, offshore energy, renewables and oceanographic research sectors. It operates in four worldwide locations: Lancaster, Aberdeen and Ulverston in the UK and Puerto Montt in Chile.

OTAQ’s marine technology portfolio includes a market-leading intelligent acoustic deterrent system, Sealfence, designed to protect marine-based aquaculture sites from predation, with multiple systems deployed in Scotland, Chile and Finland.

The Company’s Oceansense leak detection systems have a global reputation as the industry standard solution and have been deployed successfully on hundreds of jobs. OTAQ’s Dragonfish laser measurement system is fast becoming recognised as one of the most accurate underwater precision laser measurement systems available. OTAQ also has significant experience in the design and manufacture of underwater connectors, penetrators and communication systems.

It seeks to develop and continuously improve its products using its specialist mechanical, electronic and software engineers with decades of experience in bringing underwater technology products to market. Concurrently, OTAQ seeks to expand its technology portfolio through acquisitive growth, with the aim of further expanding its aquaculture and offshore product offering.

OTAQ is proud to be fully ISO 9001:2015 accredited through DNV-GL. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised quality management system and demonstrates OTAQ’s commitment to consistency, continual improvement and customer satisfaction. The certification also demonstrates its ability to consistently deliver products and services to market whilst meeting statutory and regulatory requirements by applying an effective quality management system.



2nd September 2022

OTAQ Group Expands Customer Facing Team With Appointment of Beth Holmes As Internal Sales Coordinator

OTAQ is proud to announce the hiring of Beth Holmes as their new Internal Sales Coordinator. With over five years of experience in Revenue Analysis & Demand Forecast, she will be a valuable asset to our company with her knowledge and understanding of data-aided decision-making processes and strategy development.

Beth has a proven record of being responsible for performance against budget, analysing data to understand future demand forecasts, historical trends, and competitive set activity, and translating this information into actionable recommendations and strategies to achieve budgeted revenue and company goals.

Richard Beesley, CCO at OTAQ Group, says: “It’s not just her background that makes Beth so perfect for the role of Internal Sales Coordinator.  She will bring a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to expand our Commercial department, which is oriented towards improving customer satisfaction through streamlining order process & tracking all sales within OTAQ group .”

Beth also commented: “I am thrilled to be a part of this team. I look forward to bringing fresh eyes and ideas to help pinpoint areas where we need improvement and creating clear tracking systems and reports for all sales and rentals.”

Beth will be based out of OTAQ’s Ulverston office, and she will lead the Internal Commercial Department’s harmonisation with the other departments for leaner and faster company coordination.

OTAQ announces new agreement with Canadian aquaculture innovator for water quality ‘Sensor Globe’

12th August 2022

OTAQ, the marine technology products and solutions group for the global aquaculture, offshore energy and the sport and leisure industries, is pleased to announce a new multi-year distribution agreement with Sensor Globe, the Canadian aquaculture technology innovator. This follows completion of a successful development period leading to OTAQ’s first Sensor Globe customer in Chile.

OTAQ will distribute Sensor Globe’s data collection solution, used to monitor water quality and fish welfare, primarily targeting both the Scottish and Chilean markets, two of the world’s largest producers of farmed salmon.

The Sensor Globe data collection unit is a powerful multi-functional sensor. The globe sensor is designed to ’flow with the fish’ through pumps, pipes, treatments and machinery, measuring the water quality and the physical impact on fish, both of which are essential to fish welfare. The globe allows users to monitor real time data remotely via an intuitive user interface. Data, such as dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, acceleration, conductivity and shock, can be seen in real time. Alternatively, the globe sensor can simply be left anywhere for months at a time, and its data can then be retrieved for analysis.

Phil Newby, Chief Executive at OTAQ, commented: “The Sensor Globe adds a complementary product to our aquaculture portfolio which builds on the range of solutions already available to our clients.  Having secured our first customer for the Sensor Globe in Chile, we are now looking forward to representing the Sensor Globe in our core markets and progressing the market opportunity.”

“We see huge potential in the suite of complementary aquaculture solutions given the positive impacts they can have on fish stock welfare and production volumes.”

Sheamus MacDonald, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Sensor Globe, added: “We are excited to be working with the team at OTAQ. Partnered alongside their technology in Chile and the United Kingdom will allow for us to collectively further enhance fish welfare during all stages of fish production.”

Richard Beesley Joins OTAQ as Chief Commercial Officer

7th October 2021

As part of a major commercial expansion strategy, Richard Beesley has been appointed as Chief Commercial Officer, who will join our senior leadership team. 

Richard brings with him over 20 years of knowledge and experience of working in senior leadership roles within offshore energy and marine markets, where he focused on engineered protection solutions, for high value equipment operating in harsh environments. He has a proven track record of strategic business development, having produced and managed multi-million-pound business growth opportunities, in new international markets and adjacent market sectors. Calling upon this experience, Richard will be responsible for delivering OTAQ Group’s substantial commercial development plans across its core markets of aquaculture and offshore.

Phil Newby, CEO at OTAQ Group, says: “Richard’s appointment as CCO comes at a key time for our business. We are expanding our presence in the growing global aquaculture and offshore markets by offering unique marine technologies and required an experienced, high performing individual to help drive our plans forward. With Richard’s demonstrated success of global business growth initiatives in offshore markets, he fits nicely into our senior team and we are very pleased to have him onboard.”

Richard will be based out of OTAQ’s Lancaster office and will work closely with the other existing sites in Aberdeen, Ulverston, Carnforth and Chile, to build a market-leading business within target sectors.  


29th January 2020

The OTAQ Connectors Wet-Mate Micro series have been produced to satisfy increasing demands for a reliable, UK manufactured underwater connector with excellent sealing capabilities and robust design. The  NEW Wet-Mate Micro range is available in a range of pin configurations for all harsh environment operations to suit ROV, Diving, and Offshore underwater markets. Manufactured using high quality materials and utilising the knowledge and experience of OTAQ Connectors skilled engineers and technicians, the OTAQ Wet-Mate Micro is a reliable solution for your underwater connector requirements.

The Connectors have been produced from high-grade materials and have been manufactured at our Cumbria facility, in line with our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation via DNV GL.

OTAQ Group completes acquistion of Link Subsea Ltd

1st April 2019

OTAQ Group has completed the acquisition of Link Subsea Ltd in a deal that further cements OTAQ’s position as a world class marine technology group.  Link Subsea are a leading manufacturer of underwater connectors and penetrators for the offshore energy market based in Ulverston, UK

The acquisition will spearhead the creation of the OTAQ Connectors divsion and will continue to produce high quality connectors and provide moulding solutions to the Oil & Gas, Subsea, Aquaculture, Military and Nuclear markets – building on the excellent customer base Link Subsea have developed in recent years.

Tom Houghton, Business Development Manager for OTAQ Connectors said “With an ever changing market, OTAQ is well placed to assist its customers across a range of Marine and Underwater connection products and services. With renewed confidence in the industry, 2019 is set to be a busy year for the Oil & Gas and Subsea sectors with demand for products and services out-stripping supply in many areas”

Phil Newby, CEO of OTAQ Group said “We are delighted to have completed the acquistion of Link Subsea which adds  and complements the existing divsions and companies within OTAQ Group.         We are looking forward to working with the team in Ulverston and are planning further investment in and expansion of the facilty there.”

The recent acquisition will see additional staff employed at the Ulverston site, and machinery added to the inventory to allow OTAQ Connections to grow and develop in-line with customer needs.

OTAQ Group’s management team has over 100 years of combined experience in aquaculture, marine and underwater technology products.    The group now has 32 employees across 5 worldwide locations; Aberdeen, Lancaster, Ulverston and Oban in the UK, and Puerto Montt in Chile.