When you buy a connector, you want to know it has been fully tested to deal with the harsh environments it is placed in. OTAQ connectors have full in-house testing capabilities, including Electrical testing, Gas testing and Hydrostatic pressure testing options. These test facilities are arranged to support production testing, research and development of new products and factory acceptance testing. These facilities can also be offered to third parties for testing of underwater components and equipment such as cable assemblies, sensors and pressure housings for long term testing and destruction testing of smaller items and equipment.

Gas Testing

OTAQ Connectors can carry out gas pressure testing on PVHO penetrators, up to 50 Bar. These units are used in human occupied pressurised environments, and our testing procedure ensure…

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Electrical Testing

OTAQ can provide testing for existing electrical cabling and connectors to ensure the continuity and safety of previously used equipment. This work is carried out at our production facility…

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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

OTAQ Connectors utilise two Hydrostatic Pressure Testing chambers. Testing up to 60 Bar, this have been ample for most of our products. When a higher-pressure test is required, a…

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